Ten million Americans have some sort of temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The mandible is the joint where the head and jaw meet. Problems could be caused by misalignment of the teeth, trauma to your jaw or mouth or muscle tension. TMJ can cause headaches or migraines, earaches, trouble/soreness when opening and closing the mouth, clicking or popping of the jaw, jaw muscle pain and soreness in the face. If you grind your teeth, bite your nails, chew a lot of gum, sleep on one side of your face or yawn widely, you’re at risk of developing TMJ Disorder.

There are many possible solutions for TMJ sufferers including replacing missing teeth, moving teeth, adjusting your bite, filling gaps in between teeth or removing wisdom teeth. Sometimes a plastic mouthpiece is used to prevent clenching or grinding that might be contributing to the TMJ Disorder. If left untreated, your dentist may have to recommend surgery to repair a badly damaged joint.

Don’t let the pain of TMJ take over, call today to find out how special treatment can help you.