Pediatric Dentistry in Austin TX

Keep their pearly whites shining bright by bringing your children to our dental practice for pediatric dentistry. From routine examinations and dental cleanings to Invisalign® braces, we do everything we can to keep your child smiling bigger and brighter. We also teach your child about good oral hygiene. This ensures that he or she enjoys a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.

There’s no need to fear about going to the dentist. We are a friendly team that makes your child’s visit as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Our children’s dentist uses state-of-the-art dental technology and provides compassionate dental care for children of all ages. Your child will enjoy pediatric dentistry at its best at our office.

What is Pediatric Dental Care?

We are truly dedicated to the oral health of children. Whether your child is an infant or a teenager, you can trust our children’s dentist to provide comprehensive teeth, gum, and mouth care. With proper care that begins at an early age, we strive to prevent oral decay and disease that causes serious problems as they grow. A few of the dental treatments we provide include:

 Infant oral health exams
 Assessment & preparation for braces
 Preventative Dental Care (cleaning & fluoride treatments)
 Tooth filings
 Habit counseling (pacifier use & thumb sucking)
 Dental Extractions
 Emergency dental services
  Cosmetic dentistry

Children’s Dental Checkups in Austin

Proper pediatric dental care begins with regular dental checkups. During your child’s visit, we check for cavities, dental problems, teeth alignment issues, and overall oral health. At the same time, we offer dental cleanings and fluoride treatments to ensure your child’s teeth are strong and healthy.

Our goal is to diagnose and prevent problems early before they become bigger problems later. We recommend that you schedule your child’s dental care every six months. Our friendly dentist makes the visit fun and informative for you and your child.

About Our Children’s Dentists

At our pediatric dentistry practice, we have more than 30 years of experience in creating beautiful smiles. Because we offer a preventative approach to dentistry, we specialize in recognizing problematic dental conditions that could impact the oral health of your child. We have four highly experienced and knowledgeable dentists on staff that are compassionate, friendly, and great with children.

In addition, we provide emergency dental services. Whether your child has a knocked-out tooth, a bitten tongue, or painful toothache, you can trust our team for prompt attention to your child’s needs. Seek help immediately by relying on our skilled dental team.