Many patients already have fillings, but we recommend having any silver mercury fillings removed and replaced with non-metal filling material that is healthier and more modern. Silver fillings also do not stop further decay, whereas the newer resin is more high-tech and the tooth will remain healthy as long as it is property cleaned and cared for on a daily basis. Resin fillings are designed to be flush with the teeth, so no one will ever know they are there!


If you have a tooth that cannot be sufficiently cleaned by brushing, it may be in need of a sealant. Sealants are made of plastic and are used to fill in areas of the tooth where food particles gather and create decay. Sealants are often applied to the teeth located in the back of your mouth where it is especially important for the tooth to be protected from plaque and acids. If you need sealants, don’t think you’re guilty of bad brushing. The teeth most often in need of sealants are molars and premolars, which are very narrow and typical toothbrush bristles are not able to fit into them for cleaning.

The sealant application process is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes per tooth. The dentist will brush a layer of sealant into the fissures and pits of your tooth so plaque and bacteria can be easily brushed off. If you are having sealants applied to your molars or premolars, the teeth will be roughened with an acid solution prior to the sealant application. With proper dental hygiene and regular cleanings, your sealants should provide protection for your teeth for several years.

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